Oakland Community College
Free Services for Students
  • Tutoring
    • College Reading and Learning Association trained tutors
    • Walk-in and appointments available
  • Supplemental Instruction program
    • Study group leaders available for many sections
    • Study group leaders have extra learning sessions for students
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) assistance
    • Tutors for international students
    • Seminars for ESL students
  • Skill building seminars offered each semester
    • Mathematics
    • Study skills
    • Technology
    • English
  • Software
    • Individualized software in reading, mathematics, grammar, and more
    • Help with MLA format used in writing papers
Services for Faculty
  • Develop in-class workshops to support instruction:
    • Textbook reading strategies
    • Test taking skills
    • MLA usage
  • Present study skill seminars to promote student success
  • Provide supplemental technology resources
  • Offer extra credit opportunities
College Reading and Learning Association

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