Oakland Community College

What is a Histologic Technician?

A Histologic Technician (sometimes called histotechnician) is one who works in a medical laboratory environment and specializes in processing sections of body tissue for examination by a physician (usually a pathologist). This processing activity may include fixation, dehydrating, embedding, sectioning, mounting, and routine and special staining. Most histologic technicians are employed in hospital laboratories, clinic laboratories, or in a variety of research laboratories.

Type of Histologic Technician Program at Oakland Community College

This is an Associate Degree in General Studies which requires courses necessary to fulfill the requirements for a degree in Pre-histologic Technology. Upon completion of this degree, the student will be eligible for admission to an accredited School of Histologic Technicians. A graduate of an accredited school will then be able to write a certification examination to become a certified Histologic Technician. Names of accredited Schools of Histologic Technology in the area are available in the Health Professions and Technologies Department of the Southfield Campus.

The accrediting body for Histotechnology is the National Accrediting Agency of Clinical Laboratory Services (NAACLS).

ADMISSION NOTICE: students who wish to enter one of the "co-operative" health technologies programs must first contact the hospital where the specialty program is being offered to find out the admission requirements for the clinical part of the program BEFORE starting their prerequisite classes at OCC.