Oakland Community College is bound by the tenets of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, which established the protection and privacy of student educational records.

Under the law, the College may disclose student information for educational verification to third parties* if we receive:

  • A release form that provides written consent from the student and specifies an educational institution
  • The items requested for verification from our records
  • The name of the third-party organization and, if applicable, contact name
  • The address or fax number of the recipient, depending on how you want the information sent

 Requests may be made by the following methods:

    1.  Email request to Enrollment Services  or with "Education Verification" in the Subject line.  

    2.  Mail your request to:

Oakland Community College
Registrar's Office
2480 Opdyke Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2266
Phone: 248.341.2000

Allow three business days for processing.

* Third party is described as an individual (other than the student), agency, institution, or organization.