Association of Retired Personnel

Association of Retired Personnel

A Message to the OCCARP Membership

OCCARP is an organization devoted to advancing the interest of all OCC retirees, both long-standing and of more recent vintage.

What a year this has been! The calender of events planned to 2020, did not turn out as planned. However, the purpose of the organization has not changed. It continues to assist its members by providing (1) fellowship; (2) assistance with retirement issues; (3) opportunities for enrichment through the resources of Oakland Community College (OCC); and (4) cooperation with organizations of retired persons on all levels. In addition, the Association shall assist OCC to make use of the experience within the association membership.

Thanks to the support of Vice Chancellor Daniel Jenuwine, Executive Director of the OCC Foundation and Administrative Assistant Kathleen Kelly, our newsletter, continued to be sent every month keeping us in touch.

Besides using the newsletter, Dan Jenuwine, presented via zoom, “State of the College”, to the membership on December 10, 2020 describing the latest developments at the college to which all of us devoted so much of our lives. With this success, another is being planned later in the year.

As an association we continued to support students, and in December, $1,500 was donated to the scholarship fund. Since 1994, OCCARP has donated a total of $24,150, sponsoring 45 students.

Although the 2020 Holiday luncheon was cancelled, the board has reset the event to December 9, 2021, where it will again be held at Maggiano’s.

When the COVID is beaten, the board will again plan a wide variety of events for the coming year which will be published in the newsletter.

As a member you and your spouse still have a tuition waiver for one class each semester and/or professional enrichment money for yourself to attend activity outside the college. All this for a mere $20 per year or $30 for a 2-year membership fee.

I would like to draw your attention to the directory in the middle of the Handbook, which contains member’s home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, enabling you to contact old colleagues and friends outside of scheduled events.

As retirees, we have worked many years to reach this stage of our life. For those of us who are members of the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System, remember the 25th of each month when the check arrives it is like Christmas. Whether it is MPSERS or another system, let us all enjoy a long and happy retirement, we all earned it.

Thank you for your continued confidence and support. As I begin my sixteenth year as your Board Chair, I want to say that it has been a privilege and honor to serve. Thank you for your confidence and support.

On behalf of my fellow Board members, I wish all OCC members and their families health and happiness for the coming year. 

Bob Zemke
OCCARP Board Chair




Board Members

2021 ~ 2022
Term Ends September 30, 2021
Diane Fisher   ●   Barb  Frey   ●  Patricia Funtik  ●   Judi Yerkes   ●   Bob Zemke

Term Ends September 30, 2022
Cheryl Kozell   ●   Cathy Raffle   ●   Debbie Schmidt   ●   Bill Stuart