Association of Retired Personnel

Association of Retired Personnel

A Message to the OCCARP Membership

OCCARP is an organization devoted to advancing the interests of all OCC retirees, both long-standing and of more recent vintage.

The Board is planning a wide variety of events of interest for the coming year, including bus trips to the Meijer or Dow Gardens in May, the Great Lakes Museum in Toledo, Ohio, and to Frankenmuth for lunch and Christmas shopping afterwards. In January, Professor Dennis Fiems will educate us with a mini lecture on the Spanish Influenza flu of 1917, and Professor John Mitchell with his lecture and “performance” of Hamlet. There is, of course, our annual visit to the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, Michigan for the performance of “Welcome,” a summer picnic, and the December holiday luncheon at Maggiano’s restaurant in Troy, which always sees a large turnout.

In these and in many other ways, OCCARP serves as the best means for keeping in touch with old friends and learning about the latest developments at the College to which all of us devoted so much of our lives.

As a member, you and your spouse have a tuition waiver for one class each semester and/or profession enrichment money for yourself to attend an activity outside the College. All this for a mere $15 per year or $25 for a two-year membership fee.

I would like to draw your attention to the directory in the middle of the Handbook, which contains member’s home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, enabling you to make contact with old colleagues and friends outside of the scheduled get-togethers.

Thank you for your confidence and support. As I begin my thirteenth year as your Board Chair, I want to say that it has been a privilege and honor to serve. Thank you for your confidence and support.

On behalf of my fellow Board members, I wish all OCC members and their families health and happiness for the coming year.

Bob Zemke
OCCARP Board Chair



August 14 - Great Lakes Museum - Toledo

September 12 - Hitsville USA, Motown Museum 

November - Frankenmuth Lunch & Shopping

December - Holiday Luncheon & Business Meeting

Board Members

2018 - 2019
Term Ends September 30, 2019
Sally Hanna   ●   Diane Fisher   ●   Barb  Frey   ●   Judi Yerkes   ●   Bob Zemke

Term Ends September 30, 2020
Cathy Raffle   ●   Cheryl Kozell   ●   Bill Stuart   ●   Debbie Schmidt