Access Infographic

The Accessibility Compliance Center & Education Support Services (ACCESS) program provides services such as:

  • Sign language interpreters
  • Alternative testing arrangements
  • Specialized equipment and tutoring

Auburn Hills office -
Highland Lakes office -
Orchard Ridge office -
Royal Oak office -
Southfield office -

Library Infographic

Auburn Hills - Email the Auburn Hills Campus Library
Highland Lakes - Email the Highland Lakes Campus Library
Orchard Ridge - Email the Orchard Ridge Campus Library
Royal Oak - Email the Royal Oak Campus Library
Southfield - Email the Southfield Campus Library

Research Help Now available 24/7 - Virtual Reference Cooperative

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CIS Labs Infographic

Auburn Hills -
Highland Lakes -
Orchard Ridge -
Royal Oak / Southfield -

Enrollment Services infographic

Contact Enrollment Svs | General Questions -
Phone: 248.341.2280

Auburn Hills Enrollment Svcs -
Orchard Ridge Enrollment Svcs -
Highland Lakes Enrollment Svcs -
Royal Oak Enrollment Services -
Southfield Enrollment Services -

Drop-add period has been extended if you need to drop a class, but contact Enrollment Services before doing so.

Career Services infographic

College-wide -

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Athletics infographic

Jamie Corona - Athletic Director
Softball Coach
Cell: 248.260.8744, email:

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Public Safety Infographic

Auburn Hills Public Safety - 248.232.4599
Highland Lakes Public Safety - 248.942.3399
Orchard Ridge Public Safety - 248.522.3999
Royal Oak Public Safety - 248.246.2699
Southfield Public Safety - 248.233.2999

Chief of Public Safety -


ASC Infographic

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides programs and services that help OCC students to be successful in achieving their academic goals.

Auburn Hills center -
Highland Lakes center -
Orchard Ridge center -
Royal Oak center -
Southfield center -

Counseling Infographic

Auburn Hills -
Highland Lakes -
Orchard Ridge -
Royal Oak -
Southfield -

Bookstores Infographic

College-wide -

Financial Services Infographic

College-wide -

Accounts Receivable

College-wide -

Financial Aid Infographic

Questions only -
Submit documents
-, or FAX - 248.341.2250
Phone: 248.341.2240

F-1 Advisors Infographic

College-wide -

Early Middle College Infographic

College-wide -

Veteran Affairs Infographic

College-wide -
Phone: 248.232.4342

Additional Resources

More information is available on the CDC and Oakland County Health Division (OCHD) COVID-19 web pages. The OCHD publishes Fact Sheets to address common questions pertaining to COVID-19, as well as other health concerns. The OCHD Communicable Disease Department is also available to answer questions directly at 248-858-1286.

CDC COVID-19 Respirator Information and Recommendations

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 Page (National and international response efforts)

COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Hub

Michigan Community Colleges Association Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), COVID-19 Page (State and local response efforts, including multi-lingual Fact Sheets)

Michigan Unemployment Benefits Increased and Expanded

Oakland County Health Division (OCHD), COVID-19 Page (Local response efforts, including Fact Sheets and telephone support)

OCHD COVID-19 Fact Sheet

United Way of Southeast Michigan COVID-19 Help

U.S. Department of State, China Travel Advisory (Travel restrictions)

World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 Page (International response efforts)

Additional Community Support Services