Services Hours for Thanksgiving Recess

Monday, November 22 8:30am - 5:00pm REMOTE SERVICES ONLY
Campus Office is Closed
Tuesday, November 23 8:30am - 5:00pm REMOTE SERVICES ONLY
Campus Office is Closed
Wednesday, November 24 8:30am - 5:00pm REMOTE SERVICES ONLY
Campus Office is Closed
Thursday, November 25 COLLEGE CLOSED  
Friday, November 26 COLLEGE CLOSED  
Saturday, November 27 COLLEGE CLOSED  
Sunday, November 28 COLLEGE CLOSED  

Online Counseling

Counseling Services during Covid-19

We understand this may be a stressful time for you. Counselors and Support Staff are still working to serve you from a distance. We are offering:

  • Phone Appointments
    • See Campus Contact Information below
    • Current students can make a phone appointment through our online scheduling system
  • Zoom (online face-to-face) Appointments
  • Email Appointments

Visit our online counseling page for more detailed information of all these services

We’ve Got Your Back

Have questions about classes, careers, or issues outside school? The counselors at OCC can help you find answers. They can help with questions like:

  • What classes should I take?
  • How can I get help with my course work?
  • What kind of career best suits me?
  • How can I overcome life challenges that affect my schooling?
  • How do I transfer to another school after graduating from OCC?

They have one overriding goal: to help guide you to success in school, a career, and your life.

OCC provides more than 60 counselors at our five campuses. They all have graduate degrees in counseling, psychology or related fields, and most are licensed professional counselors through the State of Michigan.

It’s easy to get help from a counselor. If possible, you should work with the same counselor throughout your time at OCC. This helps you and the counselor develop a relationship that benefits both of you.

Be sure to also check out Resources to Help You Succeed, a list of nearly 100 websites compiled by OCC counselors. It can point you to everything from free software for OCC students to job listings to sources of low-cost health care.

Nahrein Atkinson, Counseling Faculty at OCC

You can visit with a counselor by appointment or during scheduled walk-in times. If you have questions, contact any campus counseling office.

NEW OPTION IF YOU ARE A RETURNING STUDENT: If you are in good academic standing you can make an appointment online through your MyOCC account.

WALK-IN WEDNESDAYS: Suspended until further notice.


Educational Counseling

Educational counseling: Counselors can help you plan your education and make sure your class choices will meet your goals. They can discuss topics like OCC programs and degrees, registering for classes, graduation requirements, transferring, College policies, and the Student Handbook, among others.

Nahrein Atkinson, Counseling Faculty at OCC

Career Counseling

If you’d like to explore what kind of career best suits you, counselors can help. They’ll talk to you about your interests, skills, and strengths, and will hook you up with resources – either on or off campus – where you can get the information you need to make a great choice.

Personal Counseling

Sometimes life gets in the way of your academic success. Health problems, job layoffs, family issues, transportation problems, and more can pose serious challenges. Counselors can help you sort through your options and guide you to useful resources both on and off campus.


Auburn Hills Campus
Ask a Counselor @ Auburn Hills
B Building
Phone 248.232.4350
Fax 248.232.4355

Highland Lakes Campus
Ask a Counselor @ Highland Lakes
Woodland Hall
Phone 248.942.3050
Fax 248.942.3055

Orchard Ridge Campus
Ask a Counselor @ Orchard Ridge
M Building
Phone 248.522.3450
Fax 248.522.3696

Royal Oak Campus
Ask a Counselor @ Royal Oak
B Building
Phone 248.246.2450
Fax 248.246.2455

Southfield Campus
Ask a Counselor @ Southfield
A Building
Phone 248.233.2750
Fax 248.233.2740

Service Hours:
Mon, Thur, Fri: 8:30 am - 5 pm
Tue & Wed: 8:30 am - 7 pm