Future Student FAQs

New students often wonder about classes, faculty, grades and other things when they first start attending a college. Below, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from new students to our telephone operators.


What are OCC classes like? 

You will find that classes are small at OCC - typically about 27 students, and no larger than 37. This insures that you won't be lost in the crowd and you'll get the individual attention you need.

How many hours will I have to attend class?
Although the college offers some online classes, most classes are on campus and have a lecture-discussion format. A 3-credit class will typically meet for 2 hours 50 minutes per week with a break during class. Night classes generally meet one night per week, and day classes (15-week length) meet 1 or 2 days per week. During the summer, 7 1/2-week and 8-week classes meet two times a week, in most cases.  

Can I take courses online?
Although you cannot complete a degree program online, OCC offers around 100 online courses in popular disciplines such as business, computer information systems, English, health, history, math and social and political sciences. You can also take online courses in our popular Alternate Energy (renewable energy) program.

How much should I expect to study?
The general rule of thumb is that a student can expect to study about two hours for each credit hour of a course. In other words, if you are taking a 3 credit hour course, you can expect to study an average of 6 hours a week. Of course, this is dependent on how quickly you learn and requirements of the course (amount of reading or research required, writing papers, etc.).

What is a syllabus, and why do I need one?
The class syllabus is a "roadmap" that you will receive at the beginning of each class. It includes your instructor's contact information, assignments, grading policy and class schedule, including when class is canceled due to holidays.

What is proper classroom etiquette?
Students are expected to treat others with civility, integrity and respect. This includes:

  • getting to class on time
  • being prepared
  • planning to stay for the entire class
  • turning off your cell phone
  • following the Rules and Regulations found in the Student Handbook.


What are OCC students like (demographics)?
Here are some facts about OCC students:

  • The average age of an OCC student is 28, but the majority of students are 19 to 23 years old.
  • Very often OCC has the largest freshman class of any college in the state.
  • 95% of OCC students work.
  • 70% attend part-time.
  • Most students come from Oakland County (15% of the high school graduates from Oakland County enroll at OCC each year).
  • 59% are female.
  • 55% attend at night.
  • OCC has over 1,000 international students, so you'll have the opportunity to meet people from many cultures (over 80 countries are represented at OCC).


Who are the faculty?
Classes are taught by professors who have advanced degrees and years of experience, not by student teaching assistants as is the practice at most large universities. Visit the Faculty Directory to search for a faculty member by name or discipline (such as history).


How will I be graded and where do I find my grades?
All final grades are available on a secured part of the college web site that you can access with your login. Go to MyOCC/Online Services. On the Student menu, login using your ID and password, then click on the 'Grades' link.


If I apply at one campus, can I attend classes at any of the five campuses?
Once you are admitted to the college, you can take classes at any of OCC's five campuses without re-registering at each campus.

Is there on-campus housing?
There is no OCC housing or residence halls. Instead, students often use a search engine such as Google to locate housing by searching for "apartments in Oakland County, MI." Visit Apartments.com to find apartments in the area.*:
* OCC is not affiliated in any way with Apartments.com and not responsible for any liabilities that OCC students who engage the services of Apartments.com might contract.

Is there a dress code on campus?
There is no stated dress code, but students are asked to use good sense and dress appropriately. "Business casual" is always appropriate.

Are there campus police?
Yes, OCC has a "Department of Public Safety" (DPS) with state-certified police officers. Here is what the Student Handbook says:
"The Oakland Community College (OCC) Department of Public Safety (DPS) is committed to providing the students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a safe and secure environment. This goal is accomplished by highly trained, state-certified police officers providing a variety of services in a professional and competent manner, while building relationships with the community. We embrace a community policing style of law enforcement that focuses on crime prevention and problem solving through an establishment of partnerships among the officers, students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors."

Where can I buy books?
Each OCC campus has a bookstore. However, you should buy books from the campus store where your class will be held because they stock the books for those sections. (Different instructors for the same course might use different books.) You can also buy them online. Please click on the Bookstore link in the Quick Links drop-down menu on the OCC homepage for more information.

How do I know if classes are canceled due to inclement weather or building problems?
You can find out if classes are canceled by signing up for the OCC Emergency Alert System, going to Announcements on OCC's home page, calling 248.341.2000, or listening to the following news radio stations:

  • 950 AM - WWJ
  • 95.5 FM - WKQI
  • 97.9 FM - WJLB
  • 101.1 FM - WRIF
  • 101.9 FM - WDET


How do I drop a class after I've started it?
If you decide to drop a class, you can do online at MyOCC. On the Student menu, login using your ID and password, then go to Register and Drop Sections. The Schedule of Classes (printed or online) specifies deadline dates for dropping classes.

If I drop a class, will I get a refund?
The refund period depends on the length of the class.

What should I do if I have to miss a class?
Students are expected to attend all class meetings unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor. The syllabus for each course explains the instructor's attendance policy.

Can I get into a class once it's full? Is there a waiting list?
For most classes, Wait-listing is available prior to Final Registration. During Final Registration and Drop/Add, you can register for a class only if a seat is available.

I attended another college. Where should I have my transcript sent?
Transcripts from other colleges may be sent by mail to:
Oakland Community College
Attn: Evaluations
2480 Opdyke Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2266
Learn more about transfer equivalencies (how much a course at another college is worth at OCC).