CIS Programs

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Information technology is one of the strongest fields in the state of Michigan and across the United States. The field is comprised of high demand and well-paid positions in the areas of software engineering, web design and development, cybersecurity, networking, systems analysis, system support, and data management.

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) discipline at Oakland Community College offers high quality degrees, certificates, and courses in each of these high demand areas. Every CIS course and program has been designed to consider the needs of students who:

  • Have no post-secondary degree and are looking to earn a CIS certificate or CIS associate degree to directly enter the job market;
  • Are looking to complete the first two years of college at OCC and transfer to a computer science program at a four-year university;
  • Currently have a bachelor degree in another field and are looking to earn a CIS certificate at OCC to move into a career in information technology; or
  • Are currently employed in information technology and are looking to enhance their skill set with our cutting-edge courses.

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Contact Information

Auburn Hills Campus
Faculty Secretary - 248.232.4235
CIS Lab - 248.232.4475

Highland Lakes Campus
Faculty Secretary - 248.942.3150
CIS Lab - 248.942.3164

Tom Hendricks
Dean of Business and Information Technologies
Phone - 248.233.2814

Orchard Ridge Campus
Faculty Secretary - 248.522.3576
CIS Lab - 248.522.3435

Royal Oak Campus
Faculty Secretary - 248.246.2652
CIS Lab - 248.246.2642