This program is ideal for individuals who would like to work with young children and families. Commonly held positions include: Child Care Center Directors, Child Care Center teachers and aides, Head Start teachers and aides, Home Child Care providers, Early Childhood Education Non-Profit agencies staff, Community Program staff, Teacher Para-professionals, Preschool teachers and aides, Child Care Resource and Referral agencies staff.

Additionally, some courses may transfer into related bachelor degrees such as Elementary Education with ZS endorsement, Child Development, and Social Sciences.


Students of ECE can start the program at any time.  It is recommended that students start in ECE 1404 or 1414.


ECE courses are offered at the Highland Lakes Campus with some classes on Saturdays in Southfield.  The courses are offered with sections during the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.  Some courses are also offered on weekends or in special offering formats (hybrid-online).

Can I take more than one class at a time?

Yes, but students must adhere to the prerequisites for each course.  Several of the courses do not have prerequisites and can be taken at any time and combined with other ECE courses. 

How can I obtain a CDA?

While the CDA credential is not issued by OCC, the ECE program can provide the required training. The following courses meet the training requirements for CDA:

ECE 1404, 1414 (preschool CDA) or 1500 (infant/toddler CDA), and one additional ECE course (1505, 1515, 2405, 2415). Students, entering the ECE.AAS program, with a valid CDA may receive credit for ECE 2806.

Which class meets Director of Child Care Center licensing requirements?

ECE 2415 meets State of Michigan Child Care Center Licensing: R 400.5103 Program director qualifications; responsibilities. 4. A program director shall have at least 2 semester hours in child care administration from an accredited college or university, or a minimum of 3.0 CEUs in child care administration.

*In addition to this class, please see all State of Michigan Child Care Center Licensing requirements for Directors.

Which class meets the criteria for Infant/Toddler Lead teacher in a child care center licensing requirements?

ECE 1500 meets State of Michigan Child Care Center Licensing for Infant- Toddler Lead Teacher: R 400.5103a. Lead caregiver qualifications; responsibilities.  (6) A lead caregiver for infants and toddlers shall have 3 semester hours in infant/toddler development and care practices, from an accredited college or university, or 4.5 CEUs in infant/toddler development and care practices. *In addition to this class, please see all State of Michigan Child Care Center Licensing requirements for Lead Teachers.

ECE 1525 meets state requirements for School-age Leads.


All fieldwork hours and internships are completed in sites assigned by the college.

ECE 1414 and 1500 have required field hours. ECE 1414 will require hours in an assigned facility in a single classroom servicing children 2.5 years to 5 years of age (min. 22.5 hrs); ECE 1500 will require hours in a single classroom servicing children 2.5 years and younger (min. 22.5 hours). Two and half hours are credited for prep time.

ECE 2407 is an 135 hour internship. The hours must be completed in an assigned child care facility. These hours are under the supervision of an experienced and formally educated cooperating teacher. These hours cannot be completed through employment.  No credit for prior experience - hours will be given in any classes - hours must be  completed during the term.

Are there scholarship opportunities specifically for ECE students?

Along with other OCC scholarships and financial aid, TEACH offers scholarships specifically for ECE students.  For more information, visit Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children, T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Michigan Scholarship program. 

Who do I contact if I need more information?

Tiffany Wright Ofeimu, Program Coordinator and full-time professor of the ECE program.