Raider One Card

Raider One Card


Service availability may vary by campus. 

The Official College ID for Students, Faculty, and Staff

This card is required to utilize the following functions:

  • Library Services to check out OCC materials and access other resources from state institutions
  • Copying and Printing on any campus
  • iROC Cash for Raiders Store and Café Purchases

It is highly encouraged that all students, faculty, and staff have a Raider One Card.

Get Your Card!

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Selfie Stations

Located outside of our campus Raiders Stores, Selfie Stations are the perfect backdrop for your ID card photo. As the instructions state, sit in front of the poster board and use your cell phone to take your picture for the Raider One Card. Make sure your picture meets all of the requirements so that it is suitable for the ID card. Next, submit your picture on-line and you will have your card in about a week!

Submit Your Own Photo

Here are the criteria for an acceptable ID card photo:

  • The background on your photo should be light to white in color, and preferably smooth like a poster board.
  • Images should not be dark, shadowed, or distorted. Take your picture in a well-lit area.
  • Avoid submitting photos with filters, especially those with animal ears, stars, hearts, glasses or altered features. Your photo must identify you.
  • Be sure that your photo pixel size is up to 400 x 500 pixels. (Generally you can right click on a photo and find the pixel size under Properties.)
  • Photos cannot exceed the 4 MB size limit.
  • Photos with additional items visible (i.e.: hands, sinks, seatbelts, flags, other people, etc.) are not acceptable.

Upload your photo

Student Reminders

  • Your Raider One Card holds your personal information. Treat it as you would any other important card.
  • Avoid allowing other students access to your card.
  • Add funds to your card prior to exam times to avoid copy and printing delays.

Replacement Cards

As we transition to a new process, we are temporarily taking requests for replacement cards by email. 

Send an email to:  Be sure to include your ID number in your message.  

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Raider One Card or the services offered, contact

Card Services 
Phone: 248.232.4400