Oakland Community College
General Information

Drop a Course

All drop deadlines can be viewed by clicking on the specific class section in Online Services.

Students may drop a class or cancel enrollment by web during registration periods.

Student-initiated drops may be transacted on the web or in person at any campus once classes begin.

Student drops transacted after the refund period will appear as a "W" mark on the transcript. Student-initiated drops will not be permitted beyond the instructional week indicated in the following table:

15-week class Friday of 12th    week of instruction
14-week class Friday of  11th   week of instruction
13-week class Friday of 10th   week of instruction
12-week class Friday of 9th   week of instruction
11-week class Friday of 8th   week of instruction
10-week class Friday of 7th   week of instruction
9-week class Friday of 6th   week of instruction
8-week class Friday of 5th   week of instruction
7-week class Friday of 4th   week of instruction
6-week class Friday of 3rd   week of instruction
5-week class Friday of 2nd   week of instruction
4-week class Friday of 1st   week of instruction
3-week or less class       No later than end of the
business day following the
first class meeting

The specific drop date for classes in which you are registered may be found by clicking the My Class Schedule link from the Online Services Student Menu.

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