Science & Technology Building

Science & Technology Building

Renovation to the Auburn Hills C Building

The existing science programs are housed in a facility that is nearing its end of life. It has been added on to and infilled over the last several decades and does not properly support the academic programs within it. New programs housed on the second floor of C Building will be student centric with academic breakout spaces, in addition to seven new instructional classrooms to support a variety of teaching strategies.

Part of establishing a new simplified corridor for wayfinding required a relocation and consolidation of the existing office suite. The new office suite at the intersection of the addition and the new main student corridor will create new collaboration opportunities and shared amenities to foster new relationships among the faculty.

Building Addition

The new addition will create new modern facilities for both the CIS department and the science programs. CIS will expand into a new first floor suite showcasing the technologies within adaptable labs. The science programs will move into the second floor of the wing.

Construction Milestone - Beam Signing

Ceremonial "Beam Signing" events are scheduled for October 21-23, 2020, to highlight the construction and renovation progress on OCC’s new 85,600 square foot Science and Technology Building on the college’s Auburn Hills Campus. The beam is the largest member of steel on the project measuring 43 feet long and weighing more than 9,000 pounds. Its placement is noted by the green star. Its placement is noted by the green star on this diagram.

Timelapse Video

12/13/2019 - 3/6/2020

3/6/2020 - 6/26/2020


An additional 51,400 square foot addition, and a renovation of 34,200 square feet of the existing C Building at the southwest corner of the Auburn Hills Campus.

Building Location

Multiple locations were studied for the placement of the science and CIS programs. With consideration to long range campus master planning implications, the southwest site was identified as the best site.

The advantages of the selected location are:

  • Maintains the best features of the C Building as an asset by demolishing dilapidated portions and reusing the original structure.
  • Simplifies the main corridor redefining the connection from the services in the B Building to the Library and Student Center to the east.
  • Gives new identities to both the CIS and science departments on their own floors of the new addition.
  • Creates new outdoor amenities with a welcoming front approach, open lawn and covered event space.
  • Preserves other building locations for future new facilities with better departmental adjacencies.
  • Restores the original exterior pathways and watershed across the campus.


To minimize academic disruption to the College, the new addition has been designed to be built before the demolition and renovation to C Building. Once the addition is occupiable the science and CIS departments will move out making way for the remainder of the project.

Floor Plans

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