Chosen Name

Chosen Name

OCC recognizes that students, faculty members, and employees may use a first name other than their legal first name to identify themselves.  As long as the use of this chosen name is not for the purpose of misrepresentation, OCC acknowledges that a chosen first name can be used where possible in the course of OCC business and education.  OCC reserves the right to deny or remove, with or without notice, any chosen name for misuse, including but not limited to fraud, misrepresentation, attempting to avoid legal obligation, or the use of highly offensive or derogatory names.  The last name (surname) will remain unchanged.

When designated by a student, faculty member or employee, the chosen name will be used in all OCC communications except where use of a legal name is required by OCC business.  If an employee does not specify a chosen name, the legal name will continue to be used for all purposes.

Please be advised that requesting a chosen first name is not the same as legally changing your name through the court system.  Selecting a chosen name does not change your legal name on OCC’s records.  If you have a legal name change, please provide supporting legal documentation and complete the Student Update Information Request form.

Lastly, requestors also have the option to request a change to their email address.  If updated, the email address will reflect the chosen first name.  For email update processing, please allow approximately one additional business day after your chosen name has been entered.

Chosen Name and Personal Pronoun FAQs

A Chosen Name may be used by a student, faculty, or staff member who uses a first name other than their legal first name.

Pronouns can be a way to affirm someone's gender identity, but they can also be unrelated to a person's identity. They are simply a public way in which people are referred to in place of their name (e.g. "he" or "she" or "they" or "ze" or something else).

Below is a chart of pronoun usage:

she/hers/hers he/him/his they/them/theirs ze/zir/zirs
She is calling He is calling They are calling Ze is calling
Her family is nice His family is nice Their family is nice Zir family is nice
That car is hers That car is his That car is theirs That car is zirs
When in doubt, ask the woman herself When in doubt, ask the man himself When in doubt, ask the person themselves When in doubt, ask the person hirself

STUDENTS: Complete Chosen First Name and Pronoun Request form. To verify the identity of the requestor, a valid OCC ID or government ID will be required with this form in order for changes to be processed unless it is sent from your OCC student email account. Submit the completed form and proof of ID in person at any Enrollment Services Office on any campus, via USPS, or email to the address printed on the form.

FACULTY AND EMPLOYEES: Complete Form HR-30, Employee Change of Information Request form, and submit to Human Resources. To verify the identity of the requestor, a valid OCC ID or government ID will be required with this form in order for changes to be processed.

EMAIL ADDRESS: If you choose to request an update to your OCC email address using the request form, please allow one additional business day processing time after your chosen name has been entered.

  • Class roster
  • College student organization roster
  • Student class schedule
  • OCC email address (if requested)
  • Official transcripts
  • Employment forms
  • Payroll records
  • Tax documents
  • Financial aid documents and records
  • Verification requests
  • Third-party reports such as to the National Student Clearinghouse
  • Other reports or documents that require a legal name

Refer to the Chosen Name Policy at Board Governance & College Administrative Policies.