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Voter Information Pertaining to National Election

Need to register for the National Election on November 3rd, 2020? You can do so here.

Michigan now allows for online voter registration, as well as the ability to apply online to receive an absentee ballot for the National Election! Unable to go to the polls on voting day?  Apply for an absentee ballot  here.

Already registered to vote at your current address? You have until 4 P.M. on Monday, November 2nd to request an absentee ballot in persona at our local clerk's officed! Absentee ballots must be recieved by your clerk by 8 P.M. on election day, so make sure your vote counts!

Unsure if you're already registered? Need to find your local clerk or polling station? You can find all of this information here.

Looking to help promote democracy on campus and in your community? Check out the Campus Vote Project, now seeking highly motivated fellows to promote voter engagement!

Interested in volunteering at the polls this year? Find more information here about signing up to work at your local polling location!

Michigan’s Secretary of State has developed a new tool for providing students statewide with the information they need to participate in the upcoming Election Day. For more info, check out!

The Michigan Students Vote Campaign has released their Student Voter Engagement Toolkit for the November election! The toolkit contains helpful graphics, social media guides, and a voting guide, which can all be downloaded for your convenience.

Student Government Pledge in response to COVID-19

The students of Oakland Community College hereby pledge to wear face masks at all times while on OCC campuses, routinely wash our hands and use hand sanitizer, and practice social distancing in classrooms and on campus. OCC’s student body and Student Government Executive Board are dedicated to preventing the spread of COVID-19 on our campuses and in our communities, and our pledge to follow these measures will help preserve the health and safety of OCC students, faculty, administrators, and their families. More...


Studies show that students who are engaged in extra-curricular activities in college have greater opportunities for networking, career growth, building friendships, enhancing academic and leadership development as well as overall student success!



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OCC recognizes you need to balance complicated schedules that include not only classes, but also jobs, families and a variety of off-campus activities. Learning doesn’t end when you leave class - involved students are successful students in the classroom, on the job, and out in the community.

OCC offers a diverse and thriving community spirit and numerous opportunities for personal and cultural enrichment. There is virtually no limit to how much you can attend before, during, or after class to enhance your overall college learning experience.