Transfer Credit Agreements

(Articulation Agreements)

It can be stressful, confusing and frustrating when you don't know what is involved in the transfer process.  OCC is committed to helping you with the transfer process through the development and enhancement of institutional academic program partnerships that will provide additional transfer options and clear pathways that facilitate a smooth transfer.

Get connected with the Counseling Office to increase your transfer success, the sooner the better. 

Transfer Credit Agreements

If you value your time and money, a transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) provides you with a map to your educational future. Think of a transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) as a navigation app. It provides you with the quickest and most efficient route to reach the end of your educational destination. Imagine, no detours, obstacles or delays, just a smooth road (taking courses and requirements that satisfy specific program, major, degree requirements) from beginning to end.

Each transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) includes the completion of an associate degree. However, the amount of OCC credit hours accepted and applied varies by the transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) and ranges between 70-94 credit hours. Imagine after transferring potentially having as few as 30 credit hours remaining to compete your bachelor’s degree.

 Do you know that students who utilize a transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) are more likely to achieve their educational goal while saving time and money when compared to those who do not? How else does transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) benefit students? Visit Transfer Credit Agreement FAQs to learn more.

Current transfer credit agreement guides (articulation agreements) are listed by partnering institution and by OCC program. If a transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) is not available for your OCC program of study, the intended transfer institution and/or the intended transfer program, please speak with an OCC counselor to maximize your transfer potential. Additional transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) opportunities are continuously being explored.

Additional Transfer Partnership Programs and Opportunities

Michigan-Connect (M-Connect) - A program specifically designed for participating community colleges, including OCC. By attending OCC for two years and meeting specific requirements, students will be considered for admission to one of thirteen undergraduate schools and colleges at the University of Michigan. For more information on this opportunity please contact your nearest Counseling Office.

Ferris State University (FSU) - Complete a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Criminal Justice or a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a major in Industrial Technology and Management from the convenience of OCC's Auburn Hills campus. For details on the FSU Criminal Justice program please contact Gerry Scherlinck. For details on the FSU Industrial Technology and Management program please contact Ken Clark.

Walsh Now - A concurrent enrollment opportunity between Walsh College and OCC.

Walsh College - Offers Undergraduate Professional Core courses for Walsh College's Bachelor of Business Administration at the Orchard Ridge campus.

Additional Transfer Resources

Reverse Transfer Agreement – Provides students who transfer from OCC prior to completing an Associate degree with an opportunity to earn an Associate degree based upon coursework taken at the participating four year transfer institution and transfer back to OCC. Additional Reverse Transfer Agreement opportunities are continuously being explored.

Higher Learning Commission - Provides a list of Michigan regionally accredited institutions.

Students Have Transferred Credits to More Than 400 Institutions

OCC students transfer to the most selective national universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Columbia; flagship statue universities such as U of M, MSU, Ohio State, and Arizona State; local favorites like Oakland and Wayne; and every imaginable type of college.

Would you like assistance with transfer credit agreements (articulation agreements) or transfer oriented questions?

The Counseling Office at each campus assists students with up-to-date information on transfer credit agreements (articulation agreements), course transferability, the applicability and utilization of transfer credits and much more. 

Is your college or university interested in developing or enhancing academic partnerships?

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