Global Education

Global Education

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The global education empowers you to explore and connect. If you participate in global education you will learn to...

  • See the world from different perspectives.
  • Navigate cultural difference with curiosity, empathy and humility.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you need to succeed in a connected world.

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OCC provides students with scholarships for the approved Study or Internship Abroad experiences.

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What is the GLE?

The Global Literacy Endorsement (GLE) is an official endorsement on your college transcript. It recognizes that you have gone above and beyond typical expectations for global engagement. Pursuing the GLE helps you become globally competent by developing the skills, practices, and perspectives needed to navigate a complex and interconnected world. Learning how to communicate effectively and appropriately across cultural differences* is at the heart of the GLE. You can earn this endorsement through four categories of activity (academic course work, life experiences, activities and events, and a capstone project) all with a global focus. Throughout the process, you will be supported by a GLE coach who will help you facilitate your intercultural learning, navigate the dedicated D2L site, and plan for successful completion of the GLE. Interested? Read more abut Global Literacy Endorsement

Why earn the GLE?

  • The GLE will prepare you to thrive in a complex world. No matter where you are or what you do, you will live and work with people from diverse backgrounds. Developing the cultural awareness to communicate effectively and build equitable relationships with people from different backgrounds is essential in today's global world. The GLE can help you develop these abilities and competencies. 
  • The GLE will prepare you for success in further education and employment. Colleges and universities are prioritizing global learning. Employers are demanding the 21st century skills defined by global competencies. In other words, being able to work with and through the complexities of an interconnected world is essential to achieving your life goals. The GLE provides a launch pad to prosperity in higher education, the workplace, and the broader community. 
  • The GLE will prepare you to be a positive force in your community. Through the GLE you will develop empathy and awareness, practice ethical engagement, and pursue equitable collaborations. You will be urged to move beyond simplistic solutions into nuanced understandings that address root causes. These opportunities will give you the confidence you need to face the challenges of a global world with humility, accountability, and openness. The GLE will transform your life and empower your future.

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*Harvey, T.A. (2018). “An Educator's Guide to Intercultural Learning: Ten Ways to Inspire Learning Across Cultures.” True North Intercultural, LLC.