COVID-19, Updates and FAQs

With the continued impact of COVID-19, the health and safety of our students, employees and community remains a top priority for the College. While the majority of our students will continue taking classes online for Summer semester, we are working diligently on a plan to return to on-campus operations with a targeted timeline of Fall 2021.

The following safety precautions are currently in place on all campuses:

  • All student services (Counseling, Financial Aid, ACCESS, etc.) are being conducted virtually and physical offices are closed.
  • Face coverings (masks) are required at all times when on an OCC campus.
  • All students, employees and visitors must complete an online COVID-19 screening each time they visit an OCC campus.
  • Classrooms, labs and other facilities will be set up to allow six feet or more of distance between students and faculty.

Classes & Return to College

Updated: April 8, 2021

The majority of Summer classes will take place in a remote format to limit face-to-face contact, while OCC is increasingly offering on-campus time for high-touch areas such as Art, Culinary, Automotive, Welding and more. See the Schedule of Classes for more details on how a particular class will run.

OCC’s intent is to bring as many students back as we safely can, while maintaining a safe study and work environment. Our goal is to have students return for on-campus instruction in the Fall, to the extent that it is safe to do so; we will also continue to offer online classes. Please stay tuned to your OCC email, this website and social media for updates on Fall 2021 and future semesters.

For Summer 2021, the majority of students will continue taking classes online, with a limited number of students and employees returning to campus for hands-on labs and use of high-touch equipment. The College has identified Fall 2021 as our goal to have student classes, support employees and faculty return to their campuses. We will increase our face-to-face course options and return to on-campus operations as soon as it is deemed safe; however, the College will continue to offer online classes and programs.

Our 2021 Commencement ceremony will be held virtually, as it was in 2020. However, we plan to host an outdoor, socially distanced campus event to honor our graduates and their families. Keep an eye on social media and the Commencement web page for updates!

Academics and Support Services

Visit our Learning Support Resources webpage or contact your instructor to discuss other alternatives the College may be able to provide.

You are working hard to be successful in this new learning format, and we have the resources to help when you need it! Visit our Coronavirus Resources page for resources including, but not limited to:

Remote instruction replaces in-class instruction with methods that limit face-to-face contact. You are likely familiar with many tools of remote instruction, including:

  • Live video lectures using Zoom, Skype, or other teleconferencing tools
  • Using D2L for receiving assignments, submitting assignments, group email and discussion groups
  • Discussion boards and chat rooms to discuss reading assignments
  • YouTube videos
  • Detailed assignment sheets for projects with informative links
  • Email messages (reminder: students must use their OCC student email; private emails are not permitted)
  • Conference calls and video conferencing for one-on-one assistance

Sign up for our free Online Learning Readiness Course (DIST-1000). It is a great resource for learning how to use D2L and be a successful online learner.

Instructors may choose to hold class meetings remotely on the days and times stated in the schedule, so scheduling concurrent classes will not be permitted.

Call the D2L Helpdesk 24/7 including holidays at 855.772.1235 (toll free).

If your instructor has not been responsive to your contacts or concerns, please submit a complain at or call the Deans of Student Services at:

  • Auburn Hills: 248.232.4404
  • Highland Lakes: 248.942.3211
  • Orchard Ridge: 248.522.3510
  • Royal Oak: 248.246.2611
  • Southfield: 248.246.2611


All OCC student services are available online and through other remote means such as email or teleconference, including but not limited to:

These resources are currently closed and will likely reopen as our campuses reopen, to the extent allowed by the State of Michigan. The College will communicate all re-openings, and associated safety precautions, to our community as they occur.

Purchasing and renting of textbooks, book buy backs and rental returns are now handled online. Visit the OCC Raiders Bookstore website and select the “Textbooks” tab for more information.

BEFORE entering campus, all students, employees and visitors must complete a COVID-19 screening. This must be completed each time you visit an OCC campus. The online COVID-19 screening allows the College to track individuals on campus and their general health to mitigate the disease impact - this procedure is also required by law. The College uses the information collected to determine who is on campus should we need to notify you of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case. In addition, anyone coming on campus should follow other safety procedures, including wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and practicing social distancing.

Yes, you should be wearing a mask at all times while in an OCC building. Masks are required by law to be worn in all shared public spaces. Masks provide an added layer of protection from respiratory infections (some studies suggest as much as a 70% reduction in viral exposure, depending upon the circumstances.). Also, wearing a mask helps reduce the amount of virus we may spread to our surroundings.

COVID-19 and Vaccines

OCC students should notify their instructor of a suspected case of COVID-19. The College will then follow up as appropriate to impose any necessary quarantines, additional cleaning/sanitizing of a classroom or lab, etc.

Vaccine eligibility will depend on many factors, including age, health conditions, vaccine availability and more. If you reside in Oakland County, OCC recommends that anyone interested in being vaccinated register on the Oakland County Health Division Save Your Spot website. In addition, some local health care providers and pharmacies may have vaccines available and should be contacted for details.

The State of Michigan also has a helpful web resource that can be used to find a COVID-19 vaccination site in your area.

The College is still assessing how being vaccinated will affect our return to campus operations. Please stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Yes. If a mask is not properly worn and maintained, it cannot be relied upon to prevent exposures. The CDC and MDHHS, as well as OCC, do not take into account mask usage for determining the need to quarantine. Similarly, while testing is recommended, as it provides you with useful information, the COVID-19 tests may give false negatives (especially the quick tests). In addition, getting tested too soon after an exposure affects the accuracy of the test. As such, the test results cannot be safely used to determine if you are, or may become, sick.

Yes. You will need to stay off campus for 14 days AFTER the household member recovers (14 days, 24 hours fever free). Thus, you may need to stay off campus for up to 24 days. The Health Department may set a different quarantine period. If they do, follow their instructions to the letter and notify the OCC Manager of Environmental Health and Safety / Risk Management at for instructions before returning to campus.

The general notifications sent to individuals who may have been on campus when a COVID-19 case was present are intended to alert you to the situation. For these general notifications, we do not consider if any individuals may have had close contact with the case. OCC will conduct internal contact tracing and notify you if you need to stay off campus.

Absolutely not. While you may not have COVID-19, we do not want anyone you may come in contact with to become ill from any disease, including a cold or the flu.

All personal information is kept private by OCC to the extent allowed by law. Some personal information, such as name, date of birth, and phone number, may need to be shared with the Health Department to confirm your health data and to facilitate contact tracing. Personal information will not be shared with any unauthorized employee at OCC. In addition, the College always tries not to provide non-personal information that might allow someone to determine the identity of the COVID-19 case.