Police Academy

Police Academy

The Oakland Police Academy is recognized as a leading police training facility in the State of Michigan.  Established on March 6, 1967 the Oakland Police Academy has consistently graduated high achievers over it’s more than 50 year history.  These outcomes are due in large part to the exceptional quality of the instruction provided to the cadet or student by the police academy’s dedicated and experienced training staff; as well as access to the CREST site, a virtual live lab setting, which is one the premier training facilities in the country.

Located on Oakland Community College’s Auburn Hills Campus, the Oakland Police Academy instruction is conducted in comfortable, climate controlled classrooms utilizing the latest in instructional presentation technology, including video conferencing and wireless internet capabilities.

In this Oakland Community College “Empower Yourself” video, OCC police academy graduate Jon Roberts from Troy, Michigan, shares his thoughts on the quality of OCC’s police academy and its facilities, campus and instructors.

Basic Police Academy In-Session and Orientation Dates

The next Basic Police Academy will be in session February 18, 2019 through June 14, 2019.  An orientation will be held Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in Building J, Room 110.  If you are interested, contact (248) 232-4222.

Minimum Candidate Requirements

Training & Information Bulletin Email Distribution

If you are interested in receiving Training & Information Bulletins, please send an email request to CREST. Provide your name, agency and the section(s) you would like to receive. (Police, Fire, EMS and Dispatch).  Training & Information Bulletins will only be sent to agency or governmental e-mail addresses.

This e-mail distribution list is not shared or sold.


Basic Police Training
Gayle Zirwes
Phone 248.232.4222

Advanced Police Training
Brenda Dick
Phone 248.232.4220