Student Government


An election is going to be held from April 20 through April 24, 2020 for the Executive Board of Oakland Community College's Student Government.  The term for these officer positions include Fall 2020 through Winter 2021 semesters.

If you would like to run for an Officer position, please take the following steps:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Include your full name as it will show on the ballot and the seat you are running for.
  3. Write a 1-2 paragraph about yourself, why you are running and include a photo if you can.

All candidates must announce their candidacy in writing to the current Executive and Advisory Board by April 17, 2020 in order to appear on the ballot. Incumbents are not automatically registered, they too must submit their candidacy.


All students of Oakland Community College can run regardless of campus, age, gender, disability, religion, nationality, or race. All candidates must be enrolled in courses at OCC. A candidate is only eligible to run for one officer/position.


All seats on the Executive Board are open and available. Please refer to Article 3, Section B of the Constitution for definitions of the following roles:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Campus Secretaries (1 per campus)
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Outreach/Community Coordinator
  • Historian

* Up to 8 (eight) new executives roles can be created by vote


On April 17, 2020 the ballot will be created and locked in. Members may change the officer position for which they are running until that date. On April 20, 2020 the ballot will be sent to all voting members via email. Members have until midnight, April 24, 2020 to submit the ballot via email. Results will be announced by midnight, Monday, April 27 via the Student Government webpage.

Students working for students

We are YOUR Student Government representatives at Oakland Community College. If you have an issue, comment or just want to get involved, we can help.

Student Government is the official governing body of Oakland Community College students. The purpose of SG is to foster student engagement on campus and in the community.

General Membership is extended to the student body at large; i.e. all enrolled students are members. Voting membership is two representatives from all recognized student organizations.

Open Meetings are held monthly for the General Membership to give students an opportunity to voice any concerns and receive updates on current issues and projects SG is working on relevant to the student body.

Candidates interested in running for the following year's Executive Board must submit an SG Candidate Application Form to the Advisors between January and February.

SG College-wide Forms/Information

SG Constitution (including Officer Duties)

Contact the Associate Dean of Student Services for more information at your campus