OCC Courses Eligible for Articulated Credit

Aligned CTE Programs
OCC course Prefix NumberOCC Course TitleSecondary CIPName Of the CIP
CAD1101 Introduction to CAD14.4201Mechatronics
CAD1101 Introduction to CAD15.1301Design and Drafting Technology
CAD1101 Introduction to CAD15.1306Mechanical Drafting
CAR1300 Collision Welding47.0603Collision Repair Technician
CAR1600 Paint & Refinish I47.0603Collision Repair Technician
CIS1300 Networking Concepts11.0901Computer Systems Networking & Telecommunications
CIS1400 Web Design I11.0801Digital/Multimedia & Information Resources Design
CUL1010 Food Standards,Sanitation,Hyg12.0500Cooking and Related Culinary Arts
DDT1000 Fund for the Drafting Industry14.4201Mechatronics
DDT1000 Fund for the Drafting Industry15.1301Design and Drafting Technology
DDT1000 Fund for the Drafting Industry15.1306Mechanical Drafting
GRD1100 Graphic Design10.0301Graphic & Printing Technology
GRD1750 Computer Design I10.0301Graphic & Printing Technology
GRD1850 Digital Illustration I10.0301Graphic & Printing Technology
+MDA/MED1103 Medical Terminology51.0000Health Science
**+MTT1100/ATM1100 Intro to Machine Tools48.0501Machine Tool Technology/Machinist
PER2540 Med First Responder/First Resp51.0000Health Science
ROB1500 Introduction to Robotic Tech14.4201Mechatronics

**Only applies to OSTC Early College students
+Designator changed September 2016