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Crime Statistics for the Years 2017, 2018, and 2019

The process by which the annual disclosure of crime statistics occurs, include the statistics reported to OCC DPS and those pertinent to OCC from our neighboring law enforcement departments. Additionally, a request is made annually for campus security authorities to provide statistical information to include in the report. Once compiled, this report is written and placed on our website and copies are published.

We also submit the required annual crime statistics published in this brochure to the Department of Education. These statistics are gathered by the Department of Education and is made available to the public on their website.

Annually, we contact the local police departments adjacent to our properties to request their crime statistics related to OCC properties. They have been included in the statistics, where appropriate. Please review notes related to each local police department response below.

  • Auburn Hills Campus: Statistics provided did not meet geographic Clery criteria.
  • Highland Lakes Campus: Statistics provided and are reflected in data.
  • Orchard Ridge Campus: Did not respond.
  • Royal Oak Campus: Statistics provided and are reflected in data.
  • Southfield Campus: Statistics provided and are reflected in data.
  • George A. Bee Administration Buildings: Did not respond.

For additional information on any response, please contact us at 248.232.4660.

OCC has no residential facilities. Reported crimes may involve individuals not associated with the institution.

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