Social Security Numbers

As of Oct. 13, 2004, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will only give F-1 international students a Social Security Number only when they can show proof of a job offer.   For job offers on campus, you must provide two letters to the SSA confirming the job offer: one from the OCC employer, and one from the “Designated School Official” or International Student Advisor.  For Curricular Practical Training (CPT), take your I-20 with the CPT authorization and the Verification of Employment form to the SSA.  For Optional Practical Training (OPT) take your I-20 and EAD card.

It may take up to two weeks to receive the Social Security card by mail. However, students can obtain a receipt from the SSA office showing the number within 24 hours of their official request. Please remember to ask about returning the next day for the second receipt with the Social Security Number printed on it. That is sufficient to begin student assistant employment, according to OCC’s Payroll Department.

Contact Information

Student services for all F-1 students are offered at:

Royal Oak Campus - Building B, Room 102
Phone 248.246.2563

Our student services staff can assist you with admission and other general inquiries.

We will try to meet your needs as much as possible through e-mail and telephone. E-mail your questions and if an answer cannot be provided by email or telephone, we'll make an appointment.

In addition to assisting you with F-1 immigration regulation issues, we are able to direct you to resources inside the college and in the community to make your stay in the U.S. more enjoyable and to meet your educational goals.