Student Budget

What will it really cost to attend school in the United States?

International students applying for admission to OCC must show proof of financial support for one full year of study. The figures are approximate. Actual costs may be higher or lower depending on your individual circumstances and your program of study.  Remember, off campus work is generally allowed only late in your program for work experience (CPT) in your program of study. While immigration allows on campus work, there are limited student assistant jobs available at OCC.

Tuition and Fees $5,000 (2 semesters)
Health Insurance $2,000 (one year)
 Books $1,000 (one year) 
Living Expenses $11,500 (one year)

Tuition and fees

Tuition is the cost of your classes at OCC. You must bring money for tuition and fees with you because there are payment deadlines during the registration period. Payment plan options are also available.

Books and Supplies

You are responsible for buying all books and supplies that your instructors require for your classes. Buy books at the campus where your class is located. The bookstores have options for buying used or new books. Also check with them for rental options.

Living Expenses

Food, housing and transportation costs are very high in the U.S. OCC does not have student housing and cannot assist students in locating housing. You will be responsible for finding your own living arrangements. 

Contact Information

Student services for all F-1 students are offered at:

Royal Oak Campus - Building B, Room 102
Phone 248.246.2563

Our student services staff can assist you with admission and other general inquiries.

We will try to meet your needs as much as possible through e-mail and telephone. E-mail your questions and if an answer cannot be provided by email or telephone, we'll make an appointment.

In addition to assisting you with F-1 immigration regulation issues, we are able to direct you to resources inside the college and in the community to make your stay in the U.S. more enjoyable and to meet your educational goals.