ALEKS Math Placement

Take fewer classes to satisfy your math requirements

For the Fall 2021 semester, we could be offering new classes that could shorten your time to graduation. The classes will be posted to this web page by mid-July. Check back to learn more.

Students who test into these new enhanced Math classes will be strongly encouraged to explore these classes options with a counselor as E-options are not ideal for every student based upon placement score indications alone. The enhanced classes provide additional classroom support. Learn more by scheduling an appointment with a counselor or email Math Faculty Member Nick Conti.


Oakland Community College does not recognize Math practice that is completed through the $10 ALEKS App! You MUST complete your Mandatory Practice through the OCC ALEKS Practice for placement into our Math Courses.


OCC uses the ALEKS Placement system, however you will be able to test from home.


  • Login to your MyOCC. Select Students. Select ALEKS PPL Placement Test.
  • Enter the ALEKS test through the on-screen directions (Go to ALEKS-most users)
  • Do the quick tour of the test. This will let you know how to input your answers.
  • Take the practice test. If you wish to improve your result, work on the Learning and Preparation modules.


  • When you are ready for the official exam, email the Academic Support Center closest to you from your OCC email address.
  • Put ALEKS placement in the subject of your email. Include your name, birth date, and Student ID number in the email along with date/time requested (either 10am or 2pm) Monday through Friday.
  • All tests will begin at 10:00am or 2:00pm - Monday through Friday; 10:30 am - Fall 2021 Saturdays (RO and SF only)
  • We will set you up with a temporary, official password that will allow you to test from home. (the password will be good for 30 minutes).
  • Please allow up to 24 hours between your request to take ALEKS and a response from the ASC. The ASC will respond during their virtual college hours (M- TH, 8:30am-7:00pm; F - 8:30 am - 5 pm; S (RO and SF only) 10 - 2 pm).

There are several exemptions, including the use of SAT scores, AP tests, and other college math courses. Please check the exemptions on our Math Placement Page.

Taking the correct math course is essential and without preparation, students are often placed into a course that could have been avoided - wasting time and money. In the past, it was common for students to take the Math Placement Test without completing any review or preparation.

Our goal is give you the opportunity and resources to help you place into the appropriate level of math for you.

All placement testing can be taken at the Academic Support Center at any campus.

Students with disabilities who may need assistance on Placements should contact the ACCESS office prior to taking the test. They will need to provide documentation of a qualifying disability and its functional limitation.



OPTION 1: Use your SAT Math Score. See the chart below. If you are satisfied with your placement, you may upload your SAT score report in the Online Application or email the report to where the scores will be noted on your OCC student record! Otherwise you will need to bring that score in for verification and upload. If you are not satisfied with your SAT placement, see option 2 and 3.

OPTION 2: Check the other exemptions list below. If you qualify for an exemption, visit the Counseling office with the paperwork to verify the exemption and your score will be entered into the system.

OPTION 3: Take the ALEKS Placement Test. Before taking ALEKS, you must complete the online practice module. Log into MyOCC. On the Students Menu under Pre-Registration Steps, select ALEKS PPL Mathematics Placement. You will see how you score on the practice test. If you are satisfied with your score, visit the testing center to take an official ALEKS Placement Test. See the campus schedules for dates and times. If you are not satisfied with your practice test score, the ALEKS program offers free modules to practice material that was missed during the practice test.

SAT Math Score
(taken within 2 years)
OCC Course
Below 400 Take Aleks PPL for placement into Math
400 + MAT 1070 - Business Math
400 - 420 MAT 1050 - Preparation for Algebra
430-450 MAT 1050 - Preparation for Algebra
MAT 1100E - Elementary Algebra Enhanced
MAT 1125E - Math Literacy Enhanced
460-490 MAT 1100 - Elementary Algebra
MAT 1125 - Math Literacy
500-520 MAT 1100 - Elementary Algebra
MAT 1125 - Math Literacy
MAT 1150E - Intermediate Algebra Enhanced
460-530 MAT 1125 - Math Literacy
530 + MAT 1150 - Intermediate Algebra
540+ MAT-1525 - Quantitative Reasoning
MAT-2530 - Math for Elementary Teachers
550+ MAT-1580 - Statistics
MAT-1540E- College Algebra Enhanced
570+ MAT-1500 - Finite Math
MAT-1540 - College Algebra
580+ MAT-1560 -Trigonometry
600+ MAT-1600 - Applied Calculus
MAT-1630 -College Algebra & Trigonometry
670+ MAT-1730 - Calculus I


  • You have earned a bachelor degree or higher from an accredited U.S. college
  • You are admitted to OCC under a College Guest Application from another college
  • You have evidence of passing with a "C" or better the prerequisite math course at OCC or the equivalent college transfer course at another accredited college within the past three years
  • You have earned a score of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement Exam in Calculus AB or BC
  • You have already earned credit for a math course at OCC or at another accredited college and you wish to enroll in the same math course.

Students wishing to take a math course at OCC will take the ALEKS Math Placement. This test is used to place you into the appropriate math course. There is a required practice test. Visit the ALEKS page for more details.

ALEKS (Placement, Preparation & Learning ) PPL MANDATORY PRACTICE TEST

  • Read the instructions under 'How to Take the ALEKS Mandatory Practice. (see the link below)
  • Login to ALEKS. (see the link below)
  • Complete the practice attempt without help from any outside person or source so your practice score is accurate.
  • Students have access to the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module system for 12 months from the first time you sign in to the ALEKS system.  We recommend taking the math practice within a few months of enrolling in a math course.  Students will have to pay $25 for an additional year of access if they still need to take an official, proctored ALEKS placement test, or wish to continue practicing  after the 12 month period.

After taking the ALEKS Practice Placement Test

  • You will receive a score and a projected OCC math course placement.  
  • If you wish to improve your score/placement, a custom, online preparation program will be available to you in the ALEKS system. 

To improve your score

  • Do the Prep and Learning Modules until you feel confident to try the Placement Test again.
  • You are allowed to take the proctored Placement Test without Prep and Learning.
  • Before retaking the Placement Test after your first official attempt, you must complete the required amount of Prep and Learning: at least 3 hours before your second try, at least 5 hours before your third try, and at least 8 hours before your fourth and final try
  • In addition, you must spend at least 3 hours working through the preparation modules before retaking the Practice Assessment.  The 3 hours does not need to be completed all at once.
  • Oakland Community College does not recognize Math practice that is completed through the $10 ALEKS App.  You must complete your Mandatory Practice through the OCC ALEKS Practice for placement into our Math Courses.  

Contact an Academic Support Center (ASC) to make arrangements to take the Official Placement Test.  If you are registered with ACCESS contact an Access Office to make arrangements.